A Rabbi Looks At The Last Days by Jonathan Bernis


I was disappointed in this book for I was looking for some deep insights from the Jewish point of view. However, Rabbi Bernis' insights were completely in line with what I have learned from other Messianic Jewish rabbis and in line with my own understanding of Scripture.

It seems the main thrust of the book is pointed at Jews to explain why all the attacks upon them, and to explain that the powerful United States won't be in power when the Tribulation starts. Any one who has studied eschatology knows that. Satan has a twisted notion that somehow he will win this battle, but regardless he is out to destroy God's chosen people. That is the gist.

I do recommend this book for anyone who would like some insight into understanding how Jerusalem actually is the center of the world, and why Jews have been persecuted to death down through eons. I recommend it to those who would like a skimming read on the end times.

This book is not a deep study book, and Bernis doesn't give a lot of scholarly proof, therefore you might have to do some digging to get that, which would be a good study in itself.

It gets 2 stars out of five.


Jonathan Bernis is the president and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International and the author of A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days. Bernis, who grew up in a traditional Jewish family, serves on the boards of several organizations that minister in Israel; he holds dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. His weekly television show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, is broadcast throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, and other countries in Europe and Asia. Jonathan lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and daughter.

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