Review: Broken Windows

Broken Windows Broken Windows by Deb Brammer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is definitely a good teen read. The characters struggle with real-life challenges. That is good. While some answers naturally appear, others hover just out of grasp, and that is very much like real-life.

I liked the way these young Christian adults wrestled with faith challenges and questions. I liked the way they finally understood that Christians are family. Character development was good. Some were strong, others became stronger, but the main characters were developed well. The children were so much like today's kids that have never lived in Christian homes. I could feel their pain.

The dialogue is teenage level. It isn't snappy, or all that real-feeling. Brammer should focus on honing the dialogue in her next work.

Plot is good, but takes a little while to get moving. The head jumping is a bit jolting as the reader is jerked from one character to another without a well-plotted transition. Although, I have to qualify my remarks with the fact that I really hate head jumping. The mystery is actually a subplot. The book is not a mystery, but more of a Christian life study. It does not come across as preachy, which is well done. The situations and actions may be a bit heavy-handed, but that is so that the reader can easily see the problems and where the character should grow. That is also well done.

I liked the book. If the dialogue were better I would give it 4 stars, as it is, I give it 3 stars.

I am grateful to Deb for being in the Christian Books Only group and allowing me to read her book for my honest review.

Engraved in His palm,

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