Review: The Engagement Plot

The Engagement Plot The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love really good romances that are packed with great character development. I was disappointed.

I do not understand how a person who deeply believes in God, who is determined to adhere to Scripture teaching about being pure until married, can not work at forgiveness since that is also a command in Scripture.

To me, the premise of the book is great. It promised to be a good, fun, sometimes funny read. Phillips didn't follow through with it. Hanna had the right to be angry that William betrayed her pretending that she gave in and had sex on their "alone night" to the whole world. I really, really get that. But to start having those loving feelings revive and still hang on to the anger went too far for me to suspend my belief. Hanna actually acknowledges that she needed to forgive because she was Christian, but she stubbornly held on to that anger like a protective shield. So this leaves a huge hole in the plot.

There are other holes like why is it that most people believe if you spend a lot of money on a person that indicates a heart attitude change? What is it about a man being handsome and popular that is supposed to make you believe that is all that's needed for a woman to swoon in love?

Handsome and Beauty with great bodies does not make love bloom. Lust maybe, but not love. Today it seems like people can't tell the difference between love and lust.

The fact that Hanna and William had some fairly good dialogue saved the book for me. I found I did start to care what happened. But, [spoiler]a man needs to demonstrate a lot more change than spending money, having great parents, a little remorse to be worthy of the love of a woman. William just didn't grow as a character. Yes, he quit his job in the end, but that was sort of selfish because he knew he couldn't have Hanna if he didn't quit. William needed to demonstrate a little altruism and some repentance rather than just some remorse over what he did.[/spoiler] I think Phillips could have done a better job at that because she really is a good writer.

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