Review: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes by Jen Turano
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've really enjoyed other books by Turano. The other books she's written have characters whom I grew to care about quite quickly. Caring about what happens to the characters, wondering what's going to happen next are prerequisites for an enjoyable read for me. This one didn't quite hit the mark.

For no apparent reason Asher is drawn to Permilla (obviously made up name, which people just didn't do back in previous centuries unlike now, which is a drawback for me because period works should stay in the era they depict). While I can understand great passion can arise just because a person likes the way another person looks, Permilla is described as pretty--but why is she a wallflower... oh! She can't talk to men... but, then why can she voice her opinion so eloquently about Asher to Asher?

When I got to the point where the two main characters were going to let someone else find out who the potential murderer was, I completely lost interest and put it down. So sorry Turano. This one flop (in my opinion) won't keep me from reading your books because they previous ones have ALL been really good. Everyone is allowed at least one backstep once in a while :)

It wasn't meshing for me. When I consider the high quality of previous books by Turano with this one, this one falls flat.

Got it from Netgalley exchanging for an honest review.

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Review: Inspector Hobbes and the Bones

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones Inspector Hobbes and the Bones by Wilkie Martin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I got this book because I really like Wilkie Collins' stories and the premise sounded wonderfully quirky. Let's just say that I'm allergic to certain types of language, and the dialogue in this book was limp and couldn't draw me into the story. I know this isn't because it's from across the pond. It's just that the writing did not appeal to me as a reader nor as an editor. I'm sure this must be because I didn't read any of the first 3 in the series. But on the other hand, I just couldn't get into the story. So much happened to poor Andy that I found I didn't really care about Andy. Any he's not like Mr. Bean who funny in the mishaps. Just didn't click for me, but I see that it does for most of those who reviewed it. Guess I'm the one out in the cold :)

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Review: My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Priscilla’s Reveille

My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Priscilla‚Äôs Reveille My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Priscilla’s Reveille by Erica Vetsch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this story. It had some great character development and the dialogue was very believable as well as pushed the story along. Head hopping was at a minimum, and for that I am very grateful. I truly enjoyed the children characters who were not as developed as the main characters. That was a bit of a disappointment because there wouldn't have been a story without the children. The narration and the dialogue were period- accurate. In other words, I wasn't jerked out of the 1800s into the 21st Century with the turn of a phrase. Good book, and a keeper! I give this 4 stars out of 5 stars because there were a couple of places that were a bit confusing that blocked the story flow for me. I know it was probably because this was an advance reader copy rather than the real-deal off the shelf. But, I call them as I see them, and I've read things off the shelf that have this same problem, so those stumbling blocks may still be there when you read the book. Just sayin'

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Review: From This Moment

From This Moment From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was intrigued from page 1. I do recommend this book for historical romance readers. I am also intrigued with the historical accuracy. However, Once again the era norms are ignored and the women are encased in 20th and 21st century ways of thinking. I don't find that very historically accurate so you've got a fine line to walk that as a general rule falls on the side of accuracy, but there are moments when you are jerked out of the 1800s and experience a 20th century smack-down. If that doesn't bother you, then you'll like this book.

I especially liked the scientific aspects, the tensions among the characters, which makes for good conflict without seeming like the author is trying too hard to create conflict. It just comes naturally among the characters. Character development is pretty good, too.

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