Pursuing Peace by Robert Jones


If you are looking for advice on how to handle difficult people, you won't find it here. Neither is this a book full of a magic formula in handling conflict with a person who won't reconcile. However, this is an excellent study book for a Bible study group, or even self study in the biblical way to handle conflict. It is all about tending to that plank in your own eye.

I disagree that all conflict is sin. All conflict is not sin, as the author seems to suggest. A Christian can only behave for himself or herself, and God does not hold us responsible for the hard hearts of others. But, the step by steps in this book are excellent to dealing with others offenses toward you, and how to decide on a heart attitude change by keeping God at the center of the conflict regardless of whether the other person wants to reconcile or not.

Jones puts the responsibility right where it belongs upon the Christian who is having conflict. The gist I get is that we are to recognize it truly is not about horizontal relationships, but about our vertical relationship with God. If we are right with Him, then He can trust us to act right with others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simple to say, but no so simple to do. I guess that is why we need books like this.

If you are a church librarian and reading this, please purchase this for your library. It is a great handbook for a pastor to give church members who are not doing to others as they would be treated. It would be a good church wide study book as just a reminder of how we should act toward each other so that other will recognize Jesus in us.


A Guide to Resolving Relational Conflict
You have conflict in your life—we all do. You encounter it in your home, your workplace, your school, or even your church. All around us tensions exist and disputes persist.
Offered here is a step-by-step process for pursuing peace in ALL your relationships and a tool you can use to help others. This guide is:
  • BIBLICAL — relies on the absolute authority, sufficiency, and life-giving power of God’s Spirit-breathed Word
  • CHRIST-CENTERED — depends on the forgiving and empowering grace of Jesus
  • PRACTICAL — provides concrete action steps, case examples, discussion questions, and suggested language to handle specific situations
  • PROVEN — offers tried and true methods from a pastor, professor, counselor, and certified Christian conciliator who has led couples, churches, and Christian schools to make peace for nearly thirty years
Packed with wisdom and practical techniques, here is a manageable book on reconciliation that will send you on your way to pursuing peace while helping others to do the same.

Published by Crossway Publishing, Wheaton, IL.


 Robert D. Jones (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) serves as a biblical counseling professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a certified biblical counselor, a Christian conciliator, an adjunct instructor, and a church reconciliation trainer with Peacemaker Ministries. Jones is the author of Uprooting Anger and has written numerous ministry booklets and articles.

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