A thriller with international tones describes Betrayed. It starts out rather slow, but it quickly builds to a "who can you trust" type of story.

The storyline is very good, but the delievery is not as edge-of-your-seat as it promised.

I particularly liked the background story - Vicki finding out who her parents were and stumbling into someone who knew and loved them. I didn't understand, though, why we didn't find out right away that Holly was her sister. Holding back that information didn't add to the story at all, especially when it's revealed in the next chapter. That made it feel contrived.

Other than that, it was quite frightening because it felt so real. In fact, we're told that the author, Jeanette Windle was the child of missionaries in Colombia. I'm sure this is why the story feels so real. Then her research and writing is so realistic that it prompted the government agencies to question her if she'd received any classified information.

It isn't searing suspense, but it is an enjoyable read.

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