The Hunted

Here we have an almost great book.

The writing is really good. The characterization is also really good. They are not predictable, but they are all in character. In other words, no one suddenly does something out of character in order for a surprise or theatrical jolt.

You find yourself drawn into this small town and a mystery very slowly unfolds, along with shredded people (shades of Freddie Kruger). Almost everything right about this.

Once again I have a huge problem with the editing of this novel. You are drawn into a tenseful situation, and almost find yourself biting your nails when you turn the page and suddenly the brakes are applied and you drop out of hyperdrive into a 25 mile per hour stretch of novel. It completely throws off the storyline flow.

There is a scene where everyone is after "IT" and its foggy and it's getting scary (really the writing is quite good), and suddenly you are whisked to the underside of a trailer. Tsk Tsk. It is so bad, I gave up and didn't even read the last chapter. I didn't care anymore.

When are people going to learn that novels are NOT TV movies or feature films? You don't do the same things in novels, you don't need theatrics in novels, you don't need the same kind of tension breaks in novesl that you do in two hour movies. I see this all the time. It completely ruins the storyline flow.

Yes, this book has some great reviews. If someone had warned me before I read it, I would have been prepared and I would have put up a wall between me and the story. Then the screeching halts would not have bothered me.

I have to give the writing in this book about 4 stars... the editing is a minus 1 star.

A little about this story...

A town's deadly secret will drive one man to the edge of his faith... After
learning of the disappearance of his nephew, Joe Saunders returns to his
childhood home of Dark Hills to aid in the search effort. When Caleb is found,
badly mauled and clinging to life, Joe embarks on a mission to find the beast
responsible. But the more Joe delves into the fabric of his old hometown, the
more he realizes Dark Hills has a dark secret, shrouded for three generations in
a deadly code of silence. As Joe unravels the truth behind a series of
unexplained animal attacks, murder, and corruption at the highest level of law
enforcement, he is led to a final showdown where he must entrust his very life
into God's hands. Will his young faith be strong ehough to battle the demonic
forces of The Hunted?If you would like to read the first chapter, go HERE.

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