A Love to Last Forever

I just finished this novel and found it to be pretty good, and a very fast read. The problems that Bethany faces, we all face at one time or another. Tell me who likes change in their lives and I'll show you a high risk taker, which Beth is not.

This is the second in a series. I really love it that you don't feel like you've stepped into the middle of a story. I hate feeling lost like that, but this storyline stands by itself. Tracie Peterson does this really well. The characters are fairly well developed, too.

The problem is that before the story ends, Beth winds up being a whiner and I get very annoyed at whiners. It would have made me feel a lot better if Beth had gotten over that fear of moving away, earlier in the story line. At least, we are not subjected to being constantly reminded what the storyline is, although it is brought up often enough.

Beth starts out a bit confused about what love feels like. Before too long, she discovers the solution to that question is this New Nick, the one who finally finds Jesus, which is another good thing. The love interest between Nick and Beth is well developed and is very enjoyable. The little problem that made Nick need to move towns suddenly surfaces and this could threaten their relationship. As to be expected (and it would be sorely aggrevating if it did not) love wins the day.

I do feel like the story ends abruptly. We see the happy ending and actually the first chapter of the next in the series, or rather that's what it feels like. All in all, this is a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!

If you have never read anything of Tracie Peterson, I suggest you dive into her books. She is a best selling author with more than 70 books under her pen... uh, keyboard. You'd best get a start on it, daylight is burning.
Tracie Peterson lives in Montana with her husband, Jim.
Unabashedly, I have copied the following from her website.
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."
Col 3:23

But we can't love God or anyone else, if we don't know them. Love at first sight happens, not only in the realm of our human daily existence, but in the spiritual as well. However, I was amazed at the times I saw people fall in love at first sight with God, only to have that love fade from their hearts as the vision of God wore away. They relied on that warm fuzzy feeling -- that peace like a river -- that mountaintop experience. And while all those things are possible and wonderful, they aren't what sustains. A relationship -- a one-on-one daily interaction -- is how you get better acquainted with another human being -- why not also find that true with God?

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