Watch Over Me...

As promised... the review of Watch Over Me.

It was about two years ago that I read a book as depressing as this one. I realize that the strains that problems put on marriage. I realize that our soldiers who are in combat zones for any length of time have huge problems to deal with. I realize that some women have psychlogical problems with weight control and self-worth. But when I read a novel that has all those problems, I would like a tiny bit of comic relief or hope or something to keep me from going to sleep with a heavy heart and no hope. This novel will suck you dry. Christa Parrish also uses some deeply graphic scenes to make a point which I thought were a bit over the top for it to be deemed a Christian novel.

I can get all of this from secular, worldly novels. I don't pick up Christian novels to read stories without hope until the very last page. Life is full of problems and stresses. We Christians find it hard enough to cope with the world without succombing to harsher realities such as this novel depicts. All of this, of course, comes from my personal, emotional response.

The story is well written, however. It is slow with character development, although the protag's friends do provide some wise guidance and a small amount of relief.

This is not a fluffy, Sunday afternoon read. It hits hard, which some may truly like.

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