Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

I have a new hero after reading this book. Condalisa Rice was my hero for so very long and now I've added Sarah Palin to my short list. I greatly admire Todd Palin for his tremendous graciousness, I can see why Sarah loves him so.

Sarah opens the doors to her home and her life in living color with this book, part memoirs and part autobiography. The difference is that in memoirs, you can spin free of hard facts and let go with your opinion. Sarah, lets some folks have it right between the eyes with her frank and, in my opinion, on target opinions. This is a must read for every patriotic citizen of the U.S.

She gives us an insight into the smoky back rooms where the "face" of the politician is put on. The Alaskans should be thanking the good LORD Almighty for Sarah Palin an the work she did in Alaska. The truth is, politicians would shake in their boots if Sarah made it to the White House. She knows how to clean house and she'd do it, too.

The sad truth is, there are far too many so-called news hounds who are yellow journalists. If you are not familiar with that particular breed, they are the ones who love sensationalism rather than truth. Dan Rather comes to mind. That breed has no ethics, Connie Chung comes to mind... and Katie Couric... and too many others to name. When did the news industry dump ethics in the rubbish and head down the sleasy path? I have been lamenting this for years. That Cambell Brown person did not get even one half of the Katrina story correct, yet there it was in blazing glory and accepted as truth. Ah, well...

Going Rogue is one of the best non-fiction books of 2009. She is explicit about work ethics, the American people, about politics, about family and about the news media (not all are bad, mind you!) It is five stars and very much worth the money. Get to know her. You'll really like her.

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