Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin

I have just spent a delightful week with Jane and the editors of Bethany House. It is called the Insight Edition. It was with great anticipation that I opened the pages of this book for I had never read it before. I had only watched the movies which lent me great enjoyment. I knew, having read other Austin classics that the novel would be much better than the movies, and Jane (and her story) proved to be a most amiable companion.

What sets this edition apart from any other, except Pride and Prejudice, is the wealth of added information from a Regency historical aspect, tidbits of opinion which evidenced delightful humor, and movie trivia. I even learned there was a S&S under the sea movie which I had heretofore never heard.

Astoundingly, I was somewhat surprised at myself because I truly enjoyed someone else's pain and agony for a change of pace. For fully 30 chapters, Marianne was just as full of passion and sensibility at Willoughby's disgraceful treatment of her as any movie depicted. Elinor was just as full of suppressed passion and sense as the movies depicted her, and of course Mrs. Dashwood was so much more sensible than Mrs. Benton of P&P fame, which made for quite satisfying reading without the frustration of stupidity.

If you do not have a copy of Sense and Sensibility for your library, I suggest you pick up this copy. It is well worth the money and is quite a satisfying read. It is available for purchase here. Also at bookstores.

Jane Austen, daughter of a clergyman, is the beloved author of some of the most acclaimed fiction of all time. Though writing about provincial life in late-18th century England, she captured timeless themes that transcend centuries and languages. Almost as popular today as ever, Austen is undoubtedly the most influential female novelist ever.

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Sheryl Young said...

I adore Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice too. To think a woman was not allowed to own anything or work back then. May sound nice, but probably got hard and boring.

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