3-3-3 You Are Free by James Bars

This is a message so very simple, and yet so many people fear it, and think it is the hardest thing in the world to do--Live Free.

God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7. This is one of my all time favorite verses. I was delighted to see it quoted in the Hidden Chapter. I believe the principles laid out in this book are so very simple to understand, not very hard to follow, and so very easy if we rely upon the Power of God to live free. That is the message in a nutshell. Who needs it? Everyone does, not just Christians. It is a bit elementary if one has been a Christian since 1902, but, then what person doesn't need a gentle reminder every now and again of how much God loves us?

There is an old saying that practice makes perfect. Well, the godly definition of perfect is Complete. Jesus makes us whole and complete. This book is chock full of guidelines on how to allow Jesus to reign in your life. Every Christian needs that! What's truly great about this book is that you can give it to every lost person you love and just maybe you'll be taking them along with you when we meet Jesus in the air.

I recommend this book for anyone. It isn't a fluffy afternoon read, you'll need to dig into it, but that is part of the journey in building your relationship with our LORD.

Blake Bars has this to say...

When it comes to screwing up one’s life, my Dad, Jim Bars, is pretty much an expert.  As his son, I didn’t know him as the mess he had been.  All I knew was what I heard from stories and there were a lot of them.  Throughout my youth I saw that God was important to him; I knew he went to AA meetings a lot and was involved in prison ministries. 
 I knew he wasn’t perfect, but I saw that he continuously strived to improve himself.  The Japanese call this kaizen, which is the practice of continuous improvement.  
 His example was and still is a living testament to me: No matter how broken and how hopeless a man becomes through trials and sufferings here on earth, through God he can be restored to a life of wholeness and hope. – Blake Bars
Jim is an expert at making a mess out of life and then cleaning it up.  He has been almost as broken as one person can get and still be alive.  In a desperate search for hope and wholeness, Jim studied psychology, philosophy, Biblical phenomena and neural-science for nearly thirty years.  During this time he also facilitated Bible studies and personal growth groups. 
Jim has found the Way to joy, peace, love, future, health and true prosperity.  He writes with one purpose: to help enable his readers to also find the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Jim has authored 3-3-3 You Are Free!!!, its companion the 3-3-3 Daily Life Planner, Whose Are You? and the Recovery Journal.  Jim is a member of the National Bible Association and Christian Writers Fellowship International.

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