The Influenza Bomb a Time Scene Investigators novel

TSI book cover This is a gripping, intriguing novel. Yes, it has flashbacks, but you are jerked willy-nilly from one place to another. You are given ample warning what is happening, when and why. I love it! I found it especially intriguing because when I was researching Sins of the Fathers, I ran across the detail that many Union soldiers fell to influenza the winter they took Baton Rouge in the Civil War. That fact was written in a diary published shortly after the Civil War. I couldn't believe that the Flu could kill like that.

This is also chilling… We live in an age where this could really happen, so the believability factor is very high. This one is a keeper!

Paul McCusker (Creative Director, Focus on the Family) and Walt Larimore, M.D. (nationally renowned physician) display their considerable story-telling talents with THE INFLUENZA BOMB, in stores June 1 from Howard Books.

Influenza killed 20-100 million worldwide in 1918. We never discovered why or how to stop the virus. Now, it's back and the Time Scene Investigators (an international team that probes past medical disasters to prevent future outbreaks) must solve the riddle that has gone unanswered for nearly 100 years - before millions more die.


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