Journey to Unity by Garry Harper

I have  friend on LinkedIN who wrote the first in a trilogy, Journey to Unity.  He outlines the path to a new American majority. It makes a lot of sense.

He has put into words the same questions that a lot of Christians are asking. My pastor posed the question, "What would you like to see from Christians?" Some of the answers the church gave are the same things Garry is saying here.

The main point is that Christians are not the Enemy. Paul tells us plainly that our enemy is not of flesh and blood. Jesus said that we are known by the love we have for each other, yet Christians would rather have coats of blue or red with political pins rather than be Christ-like first, last and always.

The fundamental point is that Christians all over the world must come together on the foundation of agreement. That literally means we must root ourselves in Bible rather than Man Teachings, for there is where our agreement should begin and end.

Harper also points out that each individual should know, understand and be able to defend his or her own beliefs and faith before ever stepping into a voting booth. If we demanded more from the candidates concerning their own beliefs and convictions, then apply our faith filter to that, our votes would be based on clear, rational reasons rather than on emotion or how we felt about an issue.

I highly recommend this book. It makes a lot of sense, and is probably nothing you haven't thought of before but now it's well thought out and defended. It isn't an afternoon's easy read. You'll find yourself thinking about this long after the last page is turned.

Go to to find out more about Garry Harper and to purchase this book. Look for the other two in the trilogy.

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