Lies The Government Told You by Judge A.P. Napolitano

I wrote an essay back in 2005 about how much America's chosen path resembles Ancient Roman Empire's destructive path. I am surprised at how closely this book follows that line of thinking. (Glenn Beck is going down that thought process, too.)

I recommend this book if for no other reason that you will see exactly how much we have been deceived by our government (by far not it is not a partisan deception, but full fledged political deception, nonetheless).

I was not surprised at all with the contents. My eyes have been wide open, but I do wonder at how many of the citizens of the United States will be surprised at the economic lies we've been fed.

Something that I've noticed, but had not put to print on my blog is that we citizens are no longer presumed innocent. Nixon signed a bill into law that judges should consider "danger to community" when setting bail. It is an undoubted law that the presumption of innocence gives the defendant the "unhampered ability to prepare for trial", yet the bill now takes away the presumption and inserts "presumed guilty until trial".

We sit in our living rooms and say, "Yeah! That crook isn't on the streets any longer," never realizing that each and every citizen has the right to an excellent defense as well as the presumption of innocence. When did we lose sight of that?

What new crisis will the federal government manufacture in order to acquire more power over individuals? What new lies will it tell?
Throughout our history, the federal government has lied to send our children off to war, lied to take our money, lied to steal our property, lied to gain our trust, and lied to enhance its power over us. Not only does the government lie to us, we lie to ourselves. We won’t admit that each time we let the government get away with misleading us, we are allowing it to increase in size and power and decrease our personal liberty.
In acquiescing to the government’s continuous fraudulent behavior, we bear partial responsibility for the erosion of our individual liberties and the ever-expanding federal regulation of private behavior. This book attacks the culture in government that facilitates lying, and it challenges readers to recognize that culture, to confront it, and to be rid of it.

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