Living in the Overlap by Steve Schaefer

 This is not something you can read over night or even in a week. It is a deeply thought provoking book that asks many questions of you and your understanding of the Gospel. Schaefer offers many answers to these questions, but the most telling will be the answers you offer. We Christians were given a command to share the Gospel as we go about our daily living and to edify the body of Christ. If we do not understand what we believe and why we believe it, then we cannot be effective witnesses, nor can we come close to being an effective edifier.

This is an excellent study book, and one that could even be a hand book. I do not agree with everything Schaefer says, but then the basics are there and that is the most important thing.

How should we deal with our doubts?
What should we keep in mind when we pray for healing?
How can we share the gospel more effectively?

Steve Schaefer contends that when we understand Jesus’ central message—the kingdom of God—we can better handle such issues. The Old Testament prophets predicted the coming of God’s end-time kingdom, but the New Testament reveals a surprising twist: the kingdom arrives in two stages. The first stage arrived with Jesus’ first coming. The second stage will arrive at his second coming. So what happens in between?

Living in the Overlap
clarifies a topic that many Christians find mysterious, exploring the challenges and benefits of living in a kingdom that is both “already” and “not yet.” It offers strategies for successful kingdom living, tackling issues such as:

• Praying for healing
• Walking by faith
• Dealing with temptation
• Being used by God
• Loving others

If you want a deeper understanding of Jesus’ kingdom message, and if you want to explore the kingdom’s implications for your life today, let this provocative and enlightening book be your guide.

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