Jolt by Phil Cooke

I was actually expecting something quite different than what Phil Cooke offers in this book. He's a television producer, and a social media guru, so I was expecting some great stuff on how to reel in today's media to harness it for my own blog and to use for my own book. Not.
Setting that disappointment aside, Cooke delivers a step-by-step process to harness change in your life for your own good: rather than letting life dictate your circumstances, you determine your own circumstance by deliberation, establishing your direction, maximizing potential and many other things. There are 25 points to ponder.

I think Stephen King was the first to talk about the "What if..." when he wrote about writing. The power at an author's fingertips is what comes after the "What if..." Cooke capitalizes on this theme first, then moves on to talk about eliminating distractions as well as getting over yourself. Great advice! It is also something we've heard before if you have ever listened to Zig Zigler or any other motivational speaker. The key to Cooke's message is it is written down so you can refer to it over and over. It's an excellent message and one that should be heeded especially if you don't care to repeat history.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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