The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer

I have embarked on a journey to reread all the Georgette Heyer books. This will be the third journey. I became a fan when I was just thirteen years old spending my whole allowance on books that I'd devour before I'd get my next allowance.

The Black Moth was written to entertain Georgette's brother who was ill, and it was the first novel she wrote. At nineteen, Heyer was a master story-teller with character development so delicate you need hardly read the character's name, you just knew who was speaking.

The dry humor is superb, but not as well developed as in her later writings. An excellent read and study in 18th century society, dress, and speech. She intertwines high drama within polite society, adding in some excellent humor in all the right places for a fascinating read.

I rate this five of five stars!

It is available in ebook format, and I enjoyed reading it on my Kindle.

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