God, Am I A Nobody? by Sheryl Young

I had the opportunity to read this wonderful devotional by Sheryl Young. You might have read my review of her last book, What Every Christian Should Know About The Jewish People. If not, click on the link because it is a great book.

Sheryl is offering something a bit different in that you have a daily dose of Christ-like wisdom about things we face as we work for the Lord:

In today’s world, personal accomplishment gets all the accolades. Economic stability seems elusive or unsatisfying. It’s hard for us to put God’s will before worldly success. Sometimes:
-God doesn’t let us do something, so we try to do it ourselves.
-There’s a mountaintop experience when we least expect it.
-And sometimes we “labor in obscurity… while He lets others get the credit.”
This last quoted statement is from nineteenth century missionary Hudson Taylor’s sermonette, A Higher Calling. Taylor, an Englishman, devoted his life to serving the people of China and challenging other Christians to put the Lord first.

While everyone has these moments, not everyone has the wisdom to overcome Satan's tug toward worldly desires and fleshly appetites. I have often written about the ability we Christians have to make idols of church, church work, our families and other Church Lady things. Take for instance Chapter Thirteen...

O God, Behold our shield, and look upon the face of Your anointed. For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand (Psalm 84:9-10a).

How often have we used church work as an excuse for not meeting with God? If you are honest, you'll look back and note at least once this has happened. If you haven't done this, then you will so don't be so smug :)

Sheryl points out the story of Martha always in the kitchen while Mary sits at Jesus' feet. Jesus does chide Martha just a bit, and we can see why for Jesus wasn't long on this earth in His physical body. Mary certainly chose the thing I crave the most, sitting at His feet and learning from His own lips. As the priest told Romeo, "There shalt thou be happy."

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Sheryl Young has been freelance writing for magazines, newspapers and the internet since 1997. Her special interests are Politics, U.S. Government, Society and Education as they intersect with biblical faith. Her articles and stories have been seen in such venues as: Yahoo News, The Christian Post, Chicken Soup for the Soul, the Florida Baptist Witness Newspaper, VISTA National Sunday School Curriculum; Light & Life Magazine and Better Nutrition Magazine. She’s been a Community Columnist for the Tampa Tribune Newspaper, Florida Spokesperson for Concerned Women for America, and the recipient of a First Place “Roaring Lambs” National Writing Award from the Amy Foundation.

In connection with being a Jewish believer in Jesus, Sheryl wrote the previous book, “What Every Christian Should Know about the Jewish People” (2008, Pleasant Word/Wine Press). (here:, or at Amazon and most online booksellers).

You can see her blogsite at, where she posts some of her articles and also spotlights other Christian small-press and self-published authors.

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