Taking your small group off life support


I have not read a non-fiction book that is so detailed and worthy of collegiate study as this one in a long while. I've decided to use this book in one of my graduate classes to study Christian groups. It is that good. I highly recommend this for any church committee chairperson, a youth pastor, or pastor to understand how Christian group dynamics are supposed to work. It has some truly wonderful ideas in how a group's identity unfolds, and how your group can prosper with the proper boundaries set up and with Jesus as the ultimate administrator. Don't miss this one! It is a keeper.


Brad House calls on churches to wake up to the possibilities for life-transforming, gospel ministry through small groups. In recent years Mars Hill Church, based in Seattle, has experienced the rich blessings that exist within healthy community groups. In Community, House provides a resource for other churches to experience these blessings.

House examines healthy, gospel-centered small groups in three sections. In the first, he lays a foundation for the need and purpose of small-group community. He then presents a big-picture “health plan” for small groups, looking closely at the nuts and bolts of small-group ministry. The book ends with a practical section detailing ways churches can move forward to missional small groups that bless each other, the church, and their communities.
With wisdom and candor, House helps churches think carefully about the state of their own small groups and, where necessary, take steps toward a healthier, gospel-centered community. Pastors and church leaders, as well as small groups, will find this guide to be a catalyst in their growth and development.

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