A visit to the neighbors by Deborah Ludlow

Folks, this children's story book is by my friend and colleague, Deb Ludlow. I would so much appreciate it if you would consider buying this as a Christmas present for some child in your family or circle of friends ;)
 About the Book
Have you ever watched a child looking at an animal and seen their wonder? What do you say when they ask, “Mommy, Daddy, do you think animals can talk to each other?” This short illustrated story will be a delight to share with your child. It may help your child understand three basic methods that
horses use to communicate with each other as they read about Audrey’s visit to the neighbors, to feed apples to the horses.
About the Author
I was born Deborah Bardenhagen in Kalamazoo Michigan July 22, 1958. I grew up passionate about horses, dogs, and cats. My first encounter with horses was my toy spring horse; followed by “Bob’s ponies.” I owned my first horse at the age of 15 and have had them in my life since.
I have always loved to draw horses, but my career led me down another path. In completing a MCOM through Spring Arbor University, a requirement of graduation was completion of a Portfolio project, which opened the door to illustrating a story book about how horses communicate. It also became an opportunity to honor Audrey’s short life and the joy she brought to all of us who’s life she had touched.
A Visit To The Neighbors
“Mommy, Do You Think Horses Can Talk To Each Other?”
Deborah Bardenhagen-Ludlow
AuthorHouse - 24 pages
ISBN: 8.5x11 Paperback (978-1-4772-8310-3)
Ebook (978-1-4772-8311-0)
Suggested Retail Price:
$17.99 - Paperback
$3.99 - Ebook
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A Visit To The Neighbors
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merry Christmas y'all!

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