Jesus Beside Me by David Ramos

This is one of the best devotionals I have read in a long time. I so much enjoyed reading it quickly so I could get this review up (it is late by about a week! David I am so sorry for that.)

The first one is lovely, but the second one is thought provoking. This 30-day mental work out is good for that soul stretching adventure that helps you build those spiritual muscles.

Here's a provoker for you:

God does not tempt, but as He desires purity for us He places us in the path of flames.
This is one of those wisdom droplets that you have to savor for a few minutes to get that kernel of hard-grained truth. How fascinating to find a kindred spirit who knows exactly why bad things happen to good people, and why God sometimes allows those things for our good.

Check out the link below to get this gem for your Kindle, or visit David's website. You'll find a treat.

About the book
Jesus Beside Me is a collection of 30 meditations on the words of Jesus in Matthew (Volume 1 covers chapters 4 through 7 of Matthew). Each one captures a different aspect of Jesus' mission, character and power.

A meditation expresses "considered thought on a subject." Jesus Beside Me approaches Matthew passage by passage and gives each phrase of Jesus' speech "considered thought." The result includes both devotional and mindful reading that will engage the readers heart, mind and soul.

The book also serves as a reminder of the constant presence of our Savior. "We do not serve a Lord far off. We do not pray to an inattentive Master. Our Jesus is ever near, always close, right beside us."

About the Author
David Ramos is a 20-something born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He has spent the last four years working in children, teen, and college-aged ministries. David's passion for the Word of God has led him to pursue a Masters of Divinity at Ashland Theological Seminary.

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