Moonbow by Shelia Hollinghead

This started out with a bang. What a great, tension packed beginning. Then I thought it would continue building, but it fell a bit flat. I got heavily bogged down switching back and forth between Gisa and Raydon. Great premise, but it didn't follow through to the end.

The prologue is unnecessary. It does not add to the flow of the story, nor does it create anything but a deceptive understanding of what the storyline will be.

Character development is okay. The split between the two protagonists creates a story flow jam. No tension builds because the reader is yanked from one character's story to another every few pages.

I'm not a fan of this style of story plotting The dialogue is a bit stilted, and doesn't seem natural in places as if the author is trying to make characters do and say something that is just a a bit out of character for them.

Otherwise, the pace is fast and the writing is pretty good. It would be good for a fast, afternoon read. I give it 2 of 5 stars.

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