Jaspar's War by Cym Lowell

The premise of this novel is so very good. It reminds me a little bit of the movie Enough. However, there is no follow through.

The plot is quite involved and the character I like the most is Alice, the Dingo dog. She is quite the most super dog ever conjured by an author's mind. The other characters in the story are a bit jumbled, and not really developed well. That act off the charts rather than believable. Jaspar's husband is murdered in an airplane crash, and she is grieving. She realizes that for her to find out why, she has to disappear so she turns to her dear friend, a priest, for help. He introduces her to a man who trains her in the best special ops training.

Jaspar loves her husband, but she has special feelings for her trainer, the owner of Alice. This is why I really do not like to read books written by men who have a woman as the main character AND writing in first person. So many male authors imprint male characteristics on to their women characters. Here, Lowell has Jaspar have the feelings, but she is still grieving for her husband. It is such an oxymoron. Most women do not/would not act this way. Men might, but not women. I had to quit reading it because the motivations of each character became so fuzzy, and the storyline/plot bogged down to the point of stalling.

I give it one star of five stars.

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