Review: The Travelers

The Travelers The Travelers by Chris Pavone
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I tried, I really tried to get into this book. I just can't get into the head of an adulterer when he's only been married for a few years (4 I think). Perhaps I'm too sheltered, but this just doesn't seem believable to me. Character development took way too long. I found I really didn't care about the characters at all even when I found out Will and Chloe were trying to have a baby. They had way too many problems in their marriage to bring a child into it. Babies don't fix problems in a marriage.

The language is awful. I can actually tolerate a few shit's and damn's, but seriously taking God's name in vain is intolerable when it is just used as a filler in conversation. Why do authors try to develop a character by taking the lazy way through foul language in dialogue? When in Will's head, he doesn't think in that kind of language, so why does he suddenly speak that way? It doesn't make sense.

Just creating story is not enough. An author needs to create believable dialogue as well as believable scenes. I am thankful that I could use my imagination for the sex scene.

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