Review: In His Place: A Modern-Day Challenge for Readers of In His Steps

In His Place: A Modern-Day Challenge for Readers of In His Steps In His Place: A Modern-Day Challenge for Readers of In His Steps by Harry C. Griffith
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Would you like to take a peek inside today's churches (regardless of denomination)? Would you like to take a peek inside how Christians rationalize their thoughts and actions? This is an eye opening read. It is not designed to make you feel guilty, nor designed spur anger at church people. It is a very well written story that highlights what is wrong with the Bride of Christ today.

Some Christians are like Saul thinking that murderous attacks will purge the Bride into righteous action, some Christians are like the immature Mark who went home rather than face conflict head on, and others are like personified Jesus without prejudice and rancor just loving the believer and unbeliever alike.

Jesus' plan was for each believer to feed and care for His sheep with the right heart attitude. Griffith makes sure we become aware of our own righteous attitude because of seeing how the characters in this novel act and react and carry through the challenges that Jesus set before his disciples and thus to each one of us.

As the pastor begins to recognize where he failed, he tries lead his church in the right direction, but fails miserably at first. Not until he has his own Jesus-come-to-meeting is he able to rise to the leadership role that God prepared for him.

This is truly a wonderful, modern day parable in the same vein as Joshua, and In His Steps. Very well worth the money and the time invested to read. I am going to suggest this book for my Bible study group. I think it will open eyes, give hope, and spur us to be better, more Christ-like Christians.

About the book...
Charles Sheldon's WWJD? was a significant challenge in its time, but God calls us to do more than wait until we are facing a decision and then choose to do what we think Jesus would do. We are to incarnate Christ in our time, being conscious of the presence and power of God within us in all of our thoughts and actions. This is what pastor Steve Long wants his congregation to understand. When Long challenges his prominent but self-satisfied congregation to become a living force for Christ in their small North Georgia town, he is blindsided by personal trials. Responding to Christ's command “As the Father has sent me, so I send you,” Pastor Long tackles these difficult situations--and more--over a tumultuous week of trials and testing and ultimately learns (as he leads) what it means to walk In His Place.

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