Review: Saving My Assassin

Saving My Assassin Saving My Assassin by Virginia Prodan
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This is one of the absolute best non-fiction reads this year!

When you think of communism, you think of Russia or North Korea or East Germany. I just never thought of Romania. Virginia points out so many hurtful things about communism, and these things are in such stark contrast to how wonderful we have it here in America.

She says, "I should be dead. Buried in an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously I'm not. God had other plans." Then she tells you all about her childhood; how she was left at home at the tender age of six years while her family went to visit a favored aunt. There is something entirely wonderful about that aunt, but I won't tell you. I'll let you find that out on your own.

Amazing things happen to Virginia, and she gives God all the glory for each one. In her story, she tells you exactly how God touches lives in the most treacherous places. The story is gripping, uplifting, engrossing, and enlightening. Well worth every penny you spend on it. It's definitely a keeper. It is a super read for all ages, but I think teens would be enthralled to read and discuss this book as a group. In our society, Christianity is is easy. This book shows how hard it can be in other societies. It would be an excellent challenge for teens to hold fast to their faith.

I am so glad I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Vernita S. said...

What an intriguing review. I was enthralled by it. Surely, you have my attention and I want to r Esa d more. Thank you for awakening my interet.

Keep Smiling,

Gina Burgess said...

I'm so glad! I think it took plenty of courage to live through what she did, and to still give God all the glory. You'll be so glad you got the book :)

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