Review: The Tank Man's Son: A Memoir

The Tank Man's Son: A Memoir The Tank Man's Son: A Memoir by Mark Bouman
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My heart broke for Mark Bouman as I read this book. I had a wonderful father, but my husband dished out verbal abuse almost everyday. I could identify with what was going on in this family, and see the thoughts that must have been going through my teenage girls heads because I didn't have the know-how to stop the verbal abuse.

The story telling had a few flaws. Sometimes the worded illustrations didn't quite click into place, but other times the word paintings were quite vivid with emotions and pain as well as fun times. I really liked that Bouman shared some of those good times with his readers.

One thing that didn't gel as well as other things were the characterizations of brother, sister, and mother. Mother was better than the other two, and I understand why. The siblings were too afraid to open up because it was too painful, and it almost always backfired when the Tank Man used those things against them. So what is not said is just as important to the story as what is said. That is a hard way to write.

As I said earlier, I have suffered abuse. I know how hard it is to forgive the abuser. This is why I know that Mark Bouman could not have forgiven his father without God's help. Years and years of abuse take a deep toll on a person's mind, body, and especially the soul. I was deeply touched by the soul cleansing Mark received, and recognize the same soul-stretching God did for him that he did for me.

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