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Forsaken Skies Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Sci-Fi! Love it. This offering is along the lines of fantasy more than science, but still is a good offering.

If the author and editor would remove about 200 pages, this would be an excellent offering rather than just good.

I like the idea of getting to know Lanoe and the other characters through their actions and their thoughts, but with no transitions between head hopping, it makes for disjointed and rather jerky prose instead of a smooth flow.

This is a good story, with good writing, and an empathetic outlook for a lonely planet on the edge of nowhere. One thing that is not brought out is the danger to civilized space. The blase' reaction to a planet's invasion is not believable. Especially because of the mining operation on the planet and possible precious ore on another planet in the system. So there are some problems with this novel that do not allow complete satisfaction with the whole.

Each character is well developed, even the minor characters have some depth to them, which is a bit unusual. However, for this book, perhaps there are too many character viewpoints. To move the story along, an author should keep story flow in mind rather than bogging down in way too much backstory. I think that's why this story is too long. Another thing is that the build-up to the climax is way too long. Because the engineer is such a minor character, the whole "romance" thing between her and another character is unnecessary and a story blocker. It's like Clark threw in this "interlude" just to have some sex-spice to the story. We already know this other character is a rat... why over emphasize that?

For some reason, sci-fi and fantasy authors have a tendency to put too much backstory in (myself included) to develop characters. It is a bit overwhelming to readers, and a great deal of work that is unnecessary for authors.

All in all, though, this is a good story. Great space battles that are very easily followed. Complex, but not unfathomable as described, and that is hard for an author to achieve! Intriguing end. Overall it gets 4 stars from me. Especially because I'm hungry for good space operas!

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