Review: Sofi's Bridge

Sofi's Bridge Sofi's Bridge by Christine Lindsay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book!

Exquisite research into the era, and deftly written into the story. Character development was very good, albeit a little see-through in places. I got first annoyed and then lost patience with Sofi's sister and mother. But then, there really were women like that back then.

Very good storyline but with too many story fronts. Two main characters who have their stories, then the sister's story, and then the mother's story. Amazingly, they did not get tangled into a confusing mess. However, we have a delicious villain who you just keep screaming at Sofi to quit listening to.

Love the scenery descriptions. You can smell the must in the old cabin, see the dust motes dancing in the sunbeams, and hear the whispering trees as the breeze rustles the leaves.

The descriptions, the deft transitions into each story, the research into bridge building of the early 1900s, the quality character development make this a 5-star reading treat.

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