Review: The Veil

The Veil The Veil by Blake K. Healy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I do not doubt a bit that God gives us gifts solely for us to use for His glory, some of the things depicted in this book are not quite biblical. However, Blake makes sure on every page that the reader understands this is all for God's glory. He takes no accolades for himself. That's good.

I also know for a fact that angels and demons are all around us. I also know that the way Blade sees some demons working in this physical world are testified to from others (not me personally, because I've only seen one demon/Satan in a vision).

However, if you really want to see how angels and demons work, this is the book for you not for any other reason but that Blake gives God all the glory. That is the mark of a true believer.

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