Healing Promises

Healing Promises started out really great! However, I've got one thing to say to ALL Christian writers... Crime Suspense does NOT mix with Cancer survival or anything like that.

The book certainly has a different slant. But there was way too much focus on "Oh my, what am I going to do about this" all the while the characters were trying to track down a serial murderer. Then there was another subplot about romancing the boss's sister. Come on, Amy Wallace! Your writing is much better than it comes across and you can't blame the editor for this. You just put way too much in one short novel.

Stick with one story and one subplot. There were books published way back in the 80s and 90s that were more than 100,000 words that dealt with only one story line and no subplot. This book just doesn't read smoothly. You are yanked from a cancer patient and his wife fighting cancer and trying to believe God is powerful enough and smart enough to know what He is doing, and dumped into a storyline about a serial killer. The whole is very loosely held together by the fact that the cancer patient has been tracking bad guys his whole career and he's too proud to ask his friends and cowokers to pray for him to beat the disease. His wife is a doctor, a specialist in cancer, and has prayed with her patients since day one, but now that her husband has it, she can't seem to believe God, either.

Either the two led a very superficial Christian life before, or they just were not as mature and you are led to believe before the tragedy of cancer hits.

It didn't work for me. Maybe it will for you.

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