The Warriors

The Warriors is the second the the suspense series by Mark Andrew Olsen. The Watchers was the first one, which did not hold my attention all that well. However, the second one, is quite captivating.

Olsen does a pretty good job flipping back and forth between the different settings. Personally, I don't like to be jerked around like that, but some authors do it much better than others and Olsen does pretty well at it.

We pick up in this novel where we left off in the first. But, you don't really need to read the first one to get into the story, nor do you actually feel like you've been air lifted into the middle of a story. I think Olsen does that pretty well, too.

I do not think he gives the reader proper intelligence credit, though. An author does not have to point out the obvious to a reader. I do not like every graphic detail explained. It is much more chilling to leave that to my imagination. This is one thing that most authors do not do well at all. It's like good ole Uncle Abner at the (generic family reunion) telling a tired old joke then jabbing everyone in the ribs that his elbow can reach, and saying, "Get it?" Yeah, yeah, I got it. It would have been a lot less painful if you hadn't jabbed me!

All in all, though this is a good read:

A demonic force opens its yaw wide and possesses a recon team. All but Dylan Hatfield is lost. When rescue comes in to save him, the demonic forces engulf that team as well. We also find Abby Sherman on her way to the deathbed of a Watcher leader. Her misssion, and she chose to accept it, was to prevent the world's demise and that of all of humanity. Daunting!

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