Escaping the Cauldron by Kristine McGuire

The last half of this book is much better than the first because there are some extremely wonderful personal experiences and insights  which would help anyone who is mistakenly taking the same path Kristine McGuire took. 

I think this could have been a much more powerful read if McGuire had delved more into her thought processes when she made the decision to dabble in the occult, and then she fell head over heels into being a medium. It would have been  so very beneficial to others who may be tempted in doing the same thing… OR who are in the middle of the same thing. ALSO… walking readers through the reasons she felt compelled to turn her  back on God and embrace the “spirit guides” would help people to grasp the lesson driven home here,  and help them to identify their own thought processes. It was a deliberate decision on her part, but I know beyond any shadow of doubt that God never turned His back on her! I know there was a God-sized hole in her soul that she was trying desperately to fill. She was saved but not satisfied. Too many Christians today think that once saved, always satisfied, and that just isn't so. This book proves the point.

I see a tremendous potential for God to reach thousands of people and draw them back to His side away from the dark abyss… not that they will lose their salvation, but they certainly can be taken home early.

I also believe there is a huge potential to give hope to some Christians who have dabbled in Wicca and who have invited demons into their homes to oppress and to destroy, by McGuire's  assurances that while she may have gone down a dark path for a season, God never, ever let go of her. That is shining a light on Satan’s lies that people lose their salvation and can never hope for God to forgive them for turning their backs on Him.

While this is good, it could be gripping and life changing. While trying to balance on the fence between the impersonal and personal, she did not give the punch that it could have had.

There are also several grammatical mistakes and typos. They are not necessarily storyline stopping, but are a little distracting.

Please understand that I believe Christians need to read this book. I think that Christians today are filled with warm fuzzies and have this adroitness to either ignore there is a Devil or to completely disbelieve our battle is not with flesh and blood but against the dark principalities. I'm not sure when this will hit the book shelves, but be watching for it. It is already available for purchase at: Kristine McGuire's website It would be an excellent study group book.


Kristine McGuire said...

Escaping the Cauldron has been re-written, expanded, and is being published by Charisma House. The new book will be available in book stores on September 4, 2012 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

Gina Burgess said...

Kristine, I am so excited for you!! I will be praying it will be huge help to Christians around the world!

Engraved in His palms,

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