Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate

I am not sure when I was so enchanted by a book, except last year there was one called According To Their Deeds, which I raved about. Well, this one is just as rave-worthy and is definitely a keeper! I give it five stars and I rarely do that, ever.

This story spoke to me on so many different levels. If you have never lived through a hurricane, then you won't identify as well with the first part of this book. Lisa Wingate captured the true essence of all hurricane die-hards. If we live "far enough" from the coast we never think it will be "that bad". Category 1 is "Just a little rain", Category 2 is "Just a little blow and some rain". We actually pick up our skirts when it come to Category 3-5. Wingate pegged it though.

There is only one draw back with this book. If an author wants to capture not just the flavor, but the blood of a people, then the author must live with them for a little while. Wingate didn't quite get the blood of the Creole or Cajun people that Kai and Donetta ride the bus with. I lived in Cajun Country for 26 years and it wasn't exactly on the nose, but I seriously doubt anyone who does not live in South Louisiana would notice.

Daily, Texas has some truly wonderful characters. They are believable and so earthy that they smell as fragrant as a spring rain. Donetta Bradford has a glorious sense of humor and Kai learns a lot from her. This story is better than warm sweet rolls and coffee. I think it is the best one yet!

There are just a very elite few authors who you can trust enough to buy a book just because their name is on the book. One day I'll write a post on this club. For now, rest assured, Wingate has graduated to the "Buy it because her name is on it" group. You won't ever be disappointed.

Lisa Wingate is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books, includingTending RosesA Month of Summer, and The Summer Kitchen. Lisa and her family live in central Texas. Visit

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