Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo


This book is quite a revelation and there is so much the little boy reveals that is entirely Biblical. It is so hard to fathom Colton experienced so much in just three minutes in Heaven. I know there are a lot of people who need affirmation as well as deep assurances that Heaven is absolutely for real, just as Jesus is for real, and the Bible is for real.

My faith is such that I do not need this kind of assurance because I have gotten all my assurances from Scripture. After all my God created the heavens and the earth. My God calmed the sea and walked upon it. I do not need the experiences of a little boy to assure me that Heaven is real for I have received that knowledge through the Holy Spirit.

I do not think we will have wings because John tells emphatically  that we will be like Jesus. He did not sport wings when He appeared to the 500 witnesses or even to the disciples in the locked room. However, I won't let that minor detail influence my awe at the knowledge of a little boy who died on the operating table for a few minutes especially when he is so strident in insisting a person MUST know Jesus before he/she dies. I agree heartily.

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

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