Now I Walk On Death Row by Dale S. Recinella

I have read a lot of nonficition, and Christian nonfiction. I have not read something so moving or so compelling as this book since "Held Hostage" by Ken Cooper. Dale actually mentions Ken Cooper's ministry and the impact it had on those he was ministering to in his own ministry.

I have always known there are saved Catholics just like there are saved Baptists; and there are unsaved Catholics just like there are unsaved Baptists. Dale Racinella portrays the epitome of  a full blood, true blue Christian, saved by grace and doing the work Jesus had prepared for him to do before the foundation of the world.

When I read of those who minister to prisoners, I always think of Jesus teaching "When I was hungry, you gave Me to eat; when I was thirsty, you gave Me drink; when I was sick you visited Me, and in prison you came to Me..." loose paraphrase.

Dale Recinella had the courage to ask, "Did Jesus really mean what He said?" After a long walk, he received his answer which was an emphatic, "Yes!" He has been blessed through so many sacrifices as he and his family strive to do what Jesus said do.

I highly recommend "Now I Walk On Death Row". It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it will jump start you into believing Jesus meant exactly what He said, and deeply desires you to do what He said to do. I shall pray for this man because Jesus is using him in a mighty way to offer hope to the dying, and help to those who desire to meet Him. It takes great courage to do what Dale and his family are doing. I'm wondering if you have that same courage to ask, "Did Jesus really mean what He said?"

Five of Five Stars

Inspiring Memoir in the Tradition of Born Again
As a high-powered finance lawyer, Dale Recinella was living the American dream. With prestige, power, and unthinkable paychecks at his fingertips, his life was least on paper. But on the heels of closing a huge deal for the Miami Dolphins, Dale's life took an unfathomable turn. He heard--and heeded--Jesus's call to sell everything he owned and follow him. Thus began a radical quest to live out the words of Jesus--no matter what the cost.
In this quick-paced, well-written story, Recinella shares his amazing journey from growing up in an ethnic neighborhood in Detroit to racing through "the good life" on Wall Street to finally walking the God's path for him of ministry on death row.

Dale S. Recinella has served for twenty years a volunteer chaplain and for thirteen years as a lay chaplain for Florida’s death row and solitary confinement. A licensed Florida lawyer for over thirty years, Dale also serves as vice president finance and planning for Christian Healing Ministries. He and his wife, Susan, have five children and live in Macclenny, Florida.

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