Life Support by Robert Whitlow

Here is a legal thriller that you can get your teeth into. Robert Whitlow has spent some time in the South and he's brought it to life in this novel.

Since The List his storytelling has greatly improved! I was drawn in from the very first page. Suspense builds word by word when Rena and her husband (married less than a year) are picnicking by the waterfalls. Filled with anger and fear from unresolved childhood treatment, she pushes her husband over the cliff. One savvy sheriff and a few pages something startling is revealed. (Don't read the back cover!)

You are then drawn into a parallel story about Alex Lindale, an attorney who makes one little mistake in the heat of courtroom battle which folds together into a tension packed drama.

I do recommend this novel, however Whitlow takes a lot of time describing sunsets and scenery. Since I grew up in Louisiana, I don't have to watch Swamp People to know what life in the bayous and marshes is like, and the same is true for sunsets through the cypress trees. For you in the frozen north, the description may be necessary.

Whitlow does an excellent job in character development; so good, you almost feel sorry for the murderous and conniving Rena. I have to wonder though how a seasoned, savvy divorce attorney can be so completely fooled. I know how the sheriff caught the deception, but there are clues that Alexis misses which I doubt a successful attorney who ferrets out the deceptions of spouses would let slip by. Then again, we all have our own prejudices that we filter truths through.

You won't be disappointed with this offering.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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