River's Song by Melody Carlson

First I must give an abject apology to Melody Carlson and to Glass Roads for missing the blog tour date. I had not put this on my calendar and enough of excuses. My deepest apologies!

This novel will grab you with the first page but not with a tempest's claws but with the gentle swaying of a boat in the water until you get to the sound of the chugging diesel engine and the smell that goes along with it. Notwithstanding, the story draws you ever closer to Anna's heart.

The tale is told well by this author of more than 200 books. She has learned the art well and it shows mightily. I'm honored to be able to review it. I will definitely read more from Carlson who had an uncanny ability to develop characters in such a way you understand their motives before they even do anything. Very rare these days.

The story takes place in a small town of Anna Larson's youth after her mother's funeral. For the first time, she finally takes the time to sort out her life and her heritage. What an amazing thing that she decides to transform her old family home into something wonderful for others to enjoy. As the story flows like a river, the characters are caught up in the hopes for future happiness and Anna understands that happiness is a chosen state of being, and so is peace.

I do recommend this novel.

4 out of 5 stars.

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LoveMy2Dogs said...

I loved this book! And River's Call is also a wonderful book.

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