Deliver Us From Evil by Don Basham


I disagree that demons can actually inhabit a Christian, which Basham seems to be saying. However, I do know that demons can oppress true believers because of sin, because they allow that kind of persecution from the demonic realm. Satan will take and use any means to ruin a believer's witness. When a Christian allows such inroads, then trouble follows.

This book should be a must read for any church body. Basham gently, but inexorably outlines how Christians deceive themselves and other members of the body. Then he exposes how Satan uses such to encroach upon our peace of mind that is our right because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Just as God deals with each of us individually, so does Satan and his minions. This book unlocks those so called secrets, and shines a bright light upon the workings of the demonic realm.

Buy the book, read it, pass it along to your sisters and brothers in Christ, teach a class on it. The body of Christ is sick with unbelief, and we need this kind of knowledge to make her well, and strong, and flourishing within the power of God so that others will see the light and come to Christ. Amen!

5 of 5 stars.


Are Christians at risk of demonic invasion?
Absolutely not, thought Pastor Don Basham when another pastor suggested evil influences might be causing turmoil in his church and failures in his ministry. But after more troubling and perplexing problems, Basham began to discover he was wrong.
In this page-turning account, Basham chronicles his reluctant journey from disbelief to acceptance in the existence of demonic spirits. More than a story, he imparts what he discovered about demons, the difference between infestation and possession, and how to engage in spiritual warfare. He also describes the biblical tools that bring about deliverance from demonic influence.
Through this moving story, you will learn how to recognize the presence of evil spirits, pray for deliverance and protect against demonic invasion. It’s never too late. You can find the freedom and healing you need—and be an agent of deliverance to others.

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