A Message To Deliver by Jeremiah Peters


There are many who love this book. Love the characters, love the premise, love the plot line and its simplicity. Love the interactions between good (Melissa) and evil (demon/co-worker).

I had trouble getting into the story because naiveté does not have to be dumb or ADHD, which is how Melissa's character reads to me.

I think this would be an excellent book for younger readers, especially because of the way the sensitive subject (abortion) was handled. However, I was frustrated with the Melissa at first, and was too grateful that she "wised up" quickly. She is not stupid because she has great reasoning skills.

I have a problem with the theology that a human can come back to earth to give a message, which is an angel's job. If this had been an angel on a mission to deliver the message, then I would have enjoyed it a lot more, I think. I could have set aside the adjustments to earthly life from Heavenly life as good reading instead of frustration. There was no explanation for the human coming instead of an angel. One little sentence of explanation would have settled my discomfort. Maybe, I'm being too picky, and maybe you won't be that picky. But to each his own, and I prefer my fiction be a bit more theologically correct even if it is spec fiction.

 2 stars of 5 stars because of those things I've listed above.


Melissa is on a mission from God. With no memories of her life on Earth, she is immersed in a foreign world, far different from her home in the paradise of Heaven. As Melissa struggles to discover the intended recipient of God's message, she simply tells everyone she meets the good news of God's love.
Her new friend Todd Simmons blames abortion providers for the death of his mother. When an abortion clinic opens in the neighborhood, Todd starts down the path of vigilante revenge.
As Melissa battles the influence of demonic forces, will she be able to save Todd and deliver God's message or will the dark truth of her past lead her to abandon her mission?


Lynellen said...

I think an angel would not have been able to deliver the second part of the message "I forgive you" in the way that Melissa was able to do. And that second part was the reason that God sent Melissa instead of an angel.

Gina Burgess said...

I understand. Perhaps you are correct. I know that God reaches

His children in many different ways according to their abilities to respond. The Bible is full of a myriad examples of that. But, I keep thinking of Samuel and Saul. And I keep thinking of how Jesus kept every command as holy and right. He never stepped over the line.

God never broke any commands, therefore I know He would not go back on what He told the richman in Luke 16, "Even if one should come back from the dead, they still will not believe."

Engraved in His palm,

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