Take Back the Morning by Evan Howard


I found this story totally off the wall, and too on the edge of Christian for my taste. To me, it smacks of New Age junk rather than a life changing or thought process changing experience.

For example, God wants His children to lean on Him for everything, and to pray to Him without ceasing. It is too unlike God for some physical object to be the focus of near worship because it helps a person to say the right words, and because it gives "comfort". What a crock. I could not set aside my credulity because this teetered over the edge.

While I have never been in a coma, nor do I know anyone who was in a coma, I seriously doubt that a person can have a "near death experience" while in a coma. There is nothing about "near death" in a coma except that physical activity has ceased. All the vital signs are regular and everything is working properly except for the consciousness to speak out loud.

This gets zero stars. Nothing believable about it.




The answer has been kept secret.

Until now.

A corrupt stockbroker on the run…

An economy in turmoil…

And a mysterious pendant sought by the richest woman on Wall Street.

Terrified of going to jail, Justin Connelly faked his death and fled the seductions of Manhattan for the quiet corners of Providence, Rhode Island. His only keepsake was an antique pendant engraved with strange markings.

But then a sailing accident almost kills him for real. In his near-death state, Justin is taken into the darkness of hell itself, where he sees things that drive him out of hiding and back to his abandoned wife in New York.

But Tori has moved on, and his old enemies on Wall Street are not happy to see him. They want the pendant, which, in the wrong hands, could destroy humanity—and Justin’s former boss definitely has the wrong hands.

The only way out is to swallow his pride, and his doubt, and work with Tori and her new fiancé to expose the truth.

As world economies—and his own soul—hang in the balance, Justin must decide whether to sacrifice everything for the light he has found.

A spiritual thriller for the crises of our time

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