Brickmaker's Bride by Judity Miller

Here we have an interesting background. Brickmaking. Quite fascinating how they made bricks back in the late 1800s. The story line is very believable and very well told. Descriptions are good. You can almost feel the heat of the brick ovens, and smell the mud. The love story has just the right touch of sweetness and awkward nervousness.

A good mix with the Irish and the Americans. Excellent research in how marketing, buying, selling of bricks was done. Just an excellent flavor of the period. In fact the research for the time period is spot on. Really good job.

Characterization and character development is very good. You'll be drawn into the story quickly, and the dialogue is so believable that you'll think your right there in the conversations. You've got the villains and the good guys, those that act stupidly, and those that have well-used thinking caps, and one or two that you want to pinch some sense into. The mix is very entertaining, and quite real-to-life.

This is just an excellent read. I recommend it with 5 of 5 stars.

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