Matthew 13:44 by Scott Coren

I thought I'd really enjoy this book because I know personally how God works and orchestrates all those terrible things that happen into something wonderful for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose. In fact, the first part of this book is incredibly depressing.

I am not a fan of novels that come from several different directions like a shot from a shot gun in reverse. While real life is rarely situated for one to handle one problem at a time, novels do not have to be like that to make a huge impact on the reader. So much happened in the first several chapters that overwhelms the storyline. It's similar to a storyflow dam, or a congested head. You can't breathe.

[Caution Spoiler Alert]
I did like the tactic [caution spoiler alert] used for the one person that became Lucy's friend. The way it was written, and all that happened before, you just think this is one more tangled snarl that will drag Lucy even farther down into the quagmire. Only after that do things start looking up for her, but by that time you are incredibly tired of trying to untangle all the storylines. Reading this book is work, not pleasure.

The writing is good, not much head jumping and that made me like it even more. I give it 4 of 5 stars.

Lucy and Steve Sinclair move into their dream home in Washington DC. They’re young, successful and expecting their first child. But within one month their world will implode. Steve becomes sick, disappears and is found dead and Lucy’s baby will be born needing life-saving cardiac surgery. Lucy is then falsely accused of killing her husband in the most public of forums by her very own Judas - a man who she once called her very best friend. And all because of a chance find, hidden in the darkest and deepest recess of their attic.

Why has life suddenly turned so sour? Lucy’s only clue is a torn and scribbled note, citing ‘Matthew 13:44,’ which she finds on her husband’s desk. Given he’s a non-believer, like her, this makes no sense. He’s never even held a Bible in his life.
Soon condemned by the very people who should be supporting her, Lucy must discover and expose the real perpetrators. In doing so, it becomes hard to know who she can trust.

Alone and in the midst of this chaos, a chance lifeline is thrown, tethered to a stranger; a man she has never met but feels blissfully familiar with, who helps her discover her true purpose in life, and how - like the very Passion itself - ultimate good can come from the very worst of circumstances.

In an ever more secular world where divine fate is passed off as chance, Matthew 13:44 is a gripping account of one woman’s struggle to discover her faith, her purpose and her plan; a divine plan.

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