Review: The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle The Glass Castle by Trisha Priebe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this would be more like Narnia... but then nothing is like Narnia.

Intrigue, mystery, suspense, and a sprinkling of sweetness are well blended into a great story for teens, and maybe even younger. I read all kinds of stories just like this when I was 10 (Narnia and Trixie Belden mysteries plus!)

I like the way Biblical values and principles are shown rather than talked about. I think children get those kinds of lessons better through illustrations, much like Jesus' parables. This is good fare for Christians, and could be a great door opener for unbelieving teens. Excellent for a "read to" nighttime story for the family. Thanks Trisha Priebe and Jerry Jenkins!

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