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The Preacher's Lady The Preacher's Lady by Lori Copeland
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An enjoyable, quick read. The characters are well developed, and I expect no less from Lori Copeland. I'm particularly enchanted with Bo, the young guy who needed to spread his wings, but found stench and foulness instead. Then God jerked him back to Himself, and Bo became a preacher.

So often Christians think finding God is the end all, and it's happy sailing after that. This novel highlights the kind of journey a young Christian might make when he or she succumbs to the snares of the world, and then how God had cleanse the worst foulness off His children and use them for His good purpose. It also illustrates how a young believer can get the wrong ideas about God when the young, budding faith is quashed by ignorant teaching. That just ramps up the responsibility for maturing Christians. Copeland has some great insights, and turns the light on a lot of possibilities.

Let's don't forget the wonderful love story that all this entwines in and through. Great job, Lori. A five star offering, for sure.

Acclaimed author Lori Copeland spins a tale of hope, understanding, and faith when God seems silent.

It's 1855, and Elly Sullivan works on her family cranberry farm in Wisconsin. She's pledged her unending love to Bo Garrett.

At seventeen, Bo rides off for a month--just a month--to see a little of the world before he settles down with Elly. He falls in with the wrong people and the wrong life. His promises to Elly and the Lord are forgotten in a misspent youth. Eight years too late, he returns, having come to the end of himself and having rededicated his life to God.

Can Bo convince Elly they were meant to be together despite all the bumps in their path?

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