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DawnSinger DawnSinger by Janalyn Voigt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I highly recommend you NOT get the eBook version. I did not know there was a glossary at the end that would explain SO much about things I was clueless about. I wondered the whole way through why didn't the author write in such a way to explain some things. Why were all these creatures named these weird things that had a Celtic ring with no explanation. However, I really liked the way the wingabeasts were explained with nothing more than that the creature whinnied. Ah! Pegasus!

Ah well, the writing was pretty good, and the story line and premise was also good except for the fact that two people fall in love that shouldn't fall in love did. (view spoiler)

Please remember this is the eBook format that is getting the 3 stars. When you read something that doesn't make sense, it is very hard to keep going. When I read the part mentioned in the spoiler alert, I quit reading. For fantasy fans, this would probably be a great read. But the two things worked together for me to spoil my enjoyment. That's just me.

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