Review: An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication: Building Great Relationships with Faith, Skill, and Virtue in the Age of Social Media

An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication: Building Great Relationships with Faith, Skill, and Virtue in the Age of Social Media An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication: Building Great Relationships with Faith, Skill, and Virtue in the Age of Social Media by Quentin J. Schultze
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This book is BRILLIANT. Schultze and Badzinsky have taken the interpersonal communication theories and practically applied them to Christian living. But don't let that scare you non-academics off. If you are blessed enough to be teaching a regular Bible study class and you happen to be looking for something to study next, then you've found it in this book. If you are teaching interpersonal communication in college this is also a must read. The whole foundation of communication rests in the One who created it, and who gave us a multitude of practical examples in the Bible.

Truths such as "We can't really separate ourselves as person from our own messages; we are part of the message not just messengers," are expounded upon in each chapter drawing from biblical teaching without being preachy. Our character is part of our message. Schultze and Badzinsky use this theme throughout as well as the basic premise that good interpersonal communication "ultimately flows from our hearts."

From Chapter 1 about being grateful to Chapter 8 about restoring relationships this book is packed with wise counsel, intriguing tidbits, and enduring, biblically-based concepts. The authors use illustrations such as Jackie who so deeply desired community that she put an ad on Craig's List to hire a family for the holidays, practical advice such as How to Avoid a Hellish Boss, debunked myths about conflict, and invigorating truths about living in mutual forgiveness.

You may not find all the technical terms for interpersonal communication theory, but the practical applications are all there and exceptionally good. You will find a discussion in some aspect of each interpersonal communication theory, but none are academically explained. It isn't needed.

The faith aspect of communicating is the foundation of this book after all God created communication when He first created beings. Although, God's type of communication is in the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm. Schultze and Badzinsky note that to enable that kind of communication, one must participate with soul listening. Not even Em Griffin got so specific with listening. It is not only physically with ears and eyes, but emotionally and spiritually listening, too.

One particularly quintessential key is their slight twist on the Golden Rule of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is found on page 83: "Seek friends who are the kinds of persons you would like to be--namely, a blessing to others." Each blessing is outlined in each chapter of the book: Grateful, attentive listener, single task oriented, knowing self, relating openly, encourager, promoting peace, earnest relationship restorer. These are those essential things that promote good, clear, interpersonal communication. How succinct!

I have not been as academic as I could have been with this review because it is written so plainly and so effectively it reminds me of God's admonition to Habakkuk in Chapter 2: Then the LORD told me: "I will give you my message in the form of a vision. Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance. Habakkuk 2:2

I don't see how this message could be made any more clear than what Schultze and Badzinsky have written here. Don't waste anymore time, Christian, purchase this book and invest the time to read it. Along with your Bible study, it will change how you communicate with those around you.

Virtually every human endeavor involves interpersonal communication. Leading Christian scholar and media commentator Quentin Schultze and respected professor of communication Diane Badzinski offer a solid Christian perspective on the topic, helping readers communicate with faith, skill, and virtue in their interpersonal relationships. Designed as a companion to Schultze’s successful An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, this inviting book provides biblical wisdom on critical areas of interpersonal communication: gratitude, listening, self-assessment, forgiveness, trust, encouragement, peace, and fidelity. Given the rapid rise and widespread use of social media, the book also integrates intriguing insights from the latest research on the influence of social media on interpersonal relationships. It includes engaging stories and numerous sidebars featuring practical lists, definitions, illustrations, and biblical insights.

I received this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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