Review: Spaceport West

Spaceport West Spaceport West by Giles Chanot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think it is rather unfair to compare this to Hitchhiker's Guide. It's a different premise as in colonizing Mars, and politics of Earth. Quite different. I love the inserts of the UK's Space Guide; they are quite amusing.

The characters are a bit whacky, and that is what makes this story work. What's scary is the "big reveal" at the end, which is technologically frightening. I don't think we're there, yet, but then doors that open by themselves, men walking on the moon, cell phones, wireless computers, and flat screen TVs were all science fiction at one point in time.

This is a breezy read, and I liked it a lot. But then, I get British humor and love it.

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