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3 Hour Dad 3 Hour Dad by Adam T Hourlution
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Having birthed two babies and the pregnancies were normal but highly uncomfortable, I find it very hard to believe that a highly active woman was completely unaware she was pregnant and still be thin enough that friends and family had no clue either. However, I take him at his word. Nothing but the truth -- and love -- could change a person's heart this much. There are all kinds of miracles, aren't there?

This is an entertaining peek into one man's push over the edge into fatherhood--literally three hours notice that he would be a father to a bouncing baby.
I imagine there are lots of men who secretly feel the exact same way Adam did about children, but are afraid to voice it aloud. But this gives you insight into the thought processes a man races through to find all that tender love a baby showers into his heart.

A humorous, yet touching read. Whether Adam and his Lindsey want to admit it or not, God had a huge hand in providing them this bundle of love and life. A very good read for ladies to get a peek at how their man might be feeling about having children. A great read for men to see how one little baby can change a heart and soul into tender but protective mush.

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